Your First Yoga Class

1. There are several options for parking. Spots are available along Park Avenue or if your class is after business hours, you can park across the street in the Romweber lot. You might also enjoy a nice walk from the open community parking lot in front of the old Save U More.

2. You can preregister for classes using the Mindbody App or on our website. If you do not preregister, you are welcome to sign in at the desk. For your first class, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the new student information and to meet your teacher. All teachers arrive 30 minutes prior to their class, so feel free to come early and ask questions.

3. There are cubbies for you to place your belongings, shoes, coats, phones, etc. We ask you to turn your phone off or leave on airplane mode so that you can enjoy your practice.

4. The studio has clean mats for you to use while you practice and they are also available for purchase. We also supply clean towels and any other props that your class might require.

5. Please wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely.

6. The temperature of the studio varies depending on the class. All Power classes are heated to 85-87 degrees. If the class is indicated as “warm” the temperature will be set to 80-82 degrees. We offer a nice variety of heated, non- heated and warm classes for participants to enjoy. Heat increases the blood flow to your muscles and allows you to get deeper into the poses. As with any class, always listen to your body. If you aren’t feeling well, feel free to take child’s pose or an early shavasana.

7. Come to the studio with an open mind and heart. Give yourself time to explore and get comfortable with your yoga practice.

For Beginners

• Take advantage of the new student special which is 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $20. We suggest starting with one of our level 1/2 classes or trying our Yoga Basics Series.

• You might also schedule a private yoga session with a few friends or family members. Email or to schedule.

• 1 hour private beginner yoga session is $60- Bring up to 5 friends and split the cost.

New student specials are now here!

Two weeks of unlimited yoga
for only $20

Interested in a Private Session?

Up to six people for only $60!