“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”  

~ Meister Eckhart



Pop Up Yin Yoga Classes!

a pop up series of yin classes

  • All Are Welcome!
  • Day: Sundays
  • Dates: January 5th & 19th,  February 9th & 23rd, March 8th & 22nd
  • Time: 2 to 3:30pm
  • Cost: Standard Rates (You can use your class passes!)
  • Teacher: Lynn Cruse, E-RYT500

Yin Yoga offers you the chance to be still, be present and work within while you breathe and stretch deeply creating more space in the mind and body.

Yin yoga is an invitation to slow down and welcome ease and compassion into our lives. This is a relatively passive practice, done mainly on the floor that focuses on the denser connective tissues (myofascia) of the body.  Working the body in this way greatly benefits the health of the joints by creating and maintaining flexibility and mobility. Poses are typically held for 2-5 minutes.  In addition to the physical benefits, Yin Yoga teaches how to observe the body’s movement of energy, changes in sensations, thought patterns and emotions. No matter your level of experience with yoga, a Yin practice is an opportunity to settle into and observe whatever may arise in the body and mind.

Pre- Registration is recommended for these classes.

March Registration:




Monthly Mysore & Meditation Series

the third Sunday of the month

  • All Are Welcome!
  • Day: Third Sunday of the Month
  • Dates: Feb 16th, March 15th, April 19th, May 17th and June 21st
  • Time: 9 to 11am
  • Cost: $85 Package Rate (for all five classes) or $20 Drop-In
  • Teacher: Cindy Cottingham, RYT200

This meditation series will include time for a self-led asana practice to prepare the body to sit for meditation.  Afterwards, participants may join the meditation circle to learn and practice various meditation techniques, share experiences and ask questions.

We'll practice a different technique each month, as follows:

March 15:  Holding Emotion:  This technique involves summoning specific emotions to examine the physical manifestations of each.  We will practice this technique in 3 rounds with discussion in between.
April 19:  Japa Meditation: Feel the power of vibration as we unite our voices to chant ancient yogic mantras in the sanskrit language.
May 17:  Vipassana:  This very detailed, body-scan meditation will involve longer continuous sits.  We will shine our awareness like a spotlight throughout the physical body scanning top to bottom on each side.  We will sit for 20 minutes as we scan the right side, take a short break, and then spend the another 20 minutes on the left side.
 June 21:  Death Meditation:  Discover the freedom of contemplating one's own death.  This will be a longer meditation, and will be done lying in savasana, the corpse pose.  We will slowly withdraw our consciousness inward and consider the transformation of the physical body back into the five great elements.

Students are welcome to attend either the asana practice, the meditation or both.  Printed asana series will be available for those new to practicing without a teacher.

* Doors will be unlocked from 8:45-9:05am for those wishing to practice asana.  For the security of our participants, I will then lock the door, and observe/assist students with their asana practice, offering optional advice and hands on adjustments.  At 9:50am, I will again unlock the door for anyone wishing to only come for meditation, which will begin promptly at 10:05am. Kindly, Cindy
Pre- Registration is recommended for this series!
Please call or text Cindy with any questions at 812-623-1350.




Karma Yoga Classes: Phelan Lucky!

free will offering classes!

  • Day: Tuesday
  • Date: March 17th, 2020
  • Classes/Times:
    • 9-10am Mindful Movement with Shawn Holtel
    • 4-5pm Power Yoga Basics with Molly Freeland
    • 5:30-6:30pm Vinyasa Flow with Lisa Tuveson
    • 7-8pm Slow Flow with Cindy Cottingham
  • Cost: Free Will Offering

Phelan Lucky!
On Tuesday, March 17th 2020 ALL proceeds as well as teacher pay will be donated to The Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation in honor of our favorite yogi, Ava Feagins!

Registration to save your spot!