Gentle Stretching

Interested in yoga for the stretching? Then this class is for you. Lynn will introduce you to basic stretching techniques she’s learning in both Somatic Exercise* and Hatha yoga. All movements are done slowly and gently. With practice you become more aware of your movement patterns which will enable you to gently create more freedom in your body.

*Somatic exercises were developed by Thomas Hanna and are designed to bring awareness to the major muscles, joints, rotations and movement patterns of the body. Exercises are done in 3 parts; gentle and conscious isolation of the muscles and joints in one area, gentle and conscious isolation of the opposing muscles and joints and then combining them together to strengthen the body’s movement patterns.


Foundations is a slow-paced, gentle class that focuses on breathing and learning poses. We will explore breath practices and introduce meditation options. The health benefits of yoga are many…. relieves stress, improves breathing and promotes a deep sense of relaxation while still providing physical exercise and increased body awareness. Foundations is a great class to learn basic poses and become comfortable with the practice of yoga, regardless of your physical ability! A perfect practice for those who are new to yoga and want to learn how to incorporate these tools for health and wellbeing into their everyday life.

Power Vinyasa (heated, 85 degrees)

Expect a heated and invigorating practice, ample core work, as well as arm balance and inversion options This style of yoga is inspired by the Baptiste Journey Into Power Sequence. Class is heated 80-85 degrees, so be prepared to sweat. We suggest previous yoga experience Adequate hydration before and after is strongly encouraged. 

Vinyasa Flow

A perfect addition to your busy day….. meditation in motion! Connecting breath to movement, this invigorating flow class will empower and transform you in mind, body and spirit!  This class focuses on building strength, heating the body and eliminating toxins as you turn within and calm your mind. Learn to go with the flow, find your edge and practice at your own level. All are welcome!

Slow Vinyasa Flow

This class is perfect for those students who like a slower paced vinyasa flow! Equal emphasis is placed on proper alignment and positioning, building strength and balance, breathing mindfully, increasing flexibility, strengthening mental focus and relaxing into the moment.  Slow Vinyasa Flow is perfect for beginners to become familiar with the postures of the body, as well as advanced practitioners looking to get back to the basics!

Advanced Vinyasa Flow

Advanced Vinyasa Flow is a 75 minute practice for the more seasoned practitioners who want to challenge their edge and deepen their own personal practice. Expect your heart rate and energy to rise and your physical and mental strength to be challenged as you synchronize your movements with your breath. Advanced postures are explored including inversions, balancing poses, backbends and deeper binds and twists. Experience with vinyasa flow is encouraged! Studio is warmed to 78 degrees.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient system of exercise, meditation and martial arts that unites the mind, body and spirit! “Tai Chi is meditation in motion harmonizing our internal energy!”. The health benefits are many: stress reduction, improvements in balance, flexibility, strength and overall health. All are welcome!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment to the active “yang” side of a Vinyasa Flow practice. Focusing on the long-held floor postures combined with breath and meditation, yin targets the deep, dense connective tissues of the body ~ often found in the hips, pelvis, lower back and knees ~ as well as the energetic systems of our body. A Yin practice is gentle, yet intense, inviting practitioners not only to surrender to create space in their bodies, but also to observe the subtle shifts as they stay with sensations. This practice will leave you feeling balanced, renewed and restored!  All levels welcome!

Slow Flow and Yin

Great mix of two complementary yoga styles. Yoga done in a slow flowing style to build strength and stamina intermixed with longer held postures done in the Yin style to increase joint flexibility and inner peace. A perfect mix of  Yin & Yang!  Suitable for all levels. Recommend as a great starting place for beginners or those returning to a practice after a break.

Additional Information:

Heated classes: 80-85 degrees
Warm classes: 78 degrees

Note: When choosing a class please give consideration to your experience. We want you to get the most out of your yoga practice. Please feel free to email the studio at with questions about any of the classes offered.
Thank you!