Policies and FAQ

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures:

The health and safety of our entire community is our highest priority.  Below are the updated procedures for booking classes and what you can expect from our in -studio classes.  Thank you for your patience and support as we re-open our studio doors. For the safety of our community, we ask that you stay home and practice with us virtually if you are unhealthy in any way. 

Updated In-studio Face Covering Policy as of  1/31/21

Face Coverings are required as you enter the studio and until you reach your yoga mat.  Once you reach your mat, you are welcome to take off your mask to practice- if you choose. This "mask to mat" policy applies to all current classes on the schedule except the Gentle Stretch Class on Wednesday. A mask will be required while on your mat for this class.   Mask requirements for classes will up to the teacher's discretion.   Thank you working with us to keep our community and well!

Booking a Class:

  • Signing Up for Classes: Class bookings will only be allowed online through our website or through the Mindbody app prior to class start. This will create ease in the check in process.
  • Checking In: For the time being, we are only accepting guests that have pre-registered. Please do not walk in without reserving your spot prior to class. We will have an updated waiver for you to sign.
  • Late Cancel Policy: Due to a reduced class capacity, please cancel your reservation no later than 3 hours before class starts if you cannot attend. This will free up a spot for someone that is on the waitlist.
  • B Inspired will still be offering virtual, live stream classes. Please practice online with us if the time is not quite right for you to be in the studio. We strongly encourage you to practice at home with us virtually if you are immune compromised or over the age of 65 .

Studio Environment- Steps we’ve created to offer a safe place for you to practice:

  • Reduced class sizes to ensure proper distancing in and around the studio.
  • Removed all props and mats (used and new mats, props are available for purchase)
  • Mat placement in studio will be 6 ft. apart, clearly marked. Arrows placed to direct flow of traffic into and out of studio.
  • Cleaning Protocol: Studio floors, cubbies and major touching points will be sanitized before and after class. Bring only what is necessary into the studio. B Inspired will use CDC-approved disinfectant before and after class. Bathrooms cleaned between all classes including faucets, toilets, door knobs and light switches.
  • Hand sanitizer near entry doors of the studio.
  • Pre-screening for Staff: Our teaching team will be asked to self access their health and will not teach if they are not feeling well. We will do our best to fill in with a sub, but please know that cancellations may occur and a full refund for your missed class will be offered.
  • Studio Doors Opening and Closing: Doors will open 10 minutes before each class and close 10 minutes after. Please limit your time in the studio. Gather with your friends at our nearby coffee shop or walk through our lovely downtown before or after class. 
  • Air Circulation: Windows will be open to allow fresh air circulation when possible. Dyson air purifier running at all times.

Studio Etiquette

  • We are currently suspending the use of studio mats, props and towels. Please bring everything you need for your practice. We will have both new and used mats and props available for purchase. You are welcome to store your mat at the studio. 
  • Community: Maintain safe social distancing and communicate with your friends from your mat or after class.
  • Mask Policy: Mask to Mat for all classes except Gentle Stretch. Mask required for this class while on mat.
  • Please Stay Home: If you have symptoms, are awaiting a test result or have come in contact with someone with Covid-19, please do not attend the studio.  We have virtual, live stream classes for you to join.
  • If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of visiting the studio, please email [email protected]. This will allow us to contact trace.  Please know that we will not share personal information with anyone other than the B Inspired teaching team.
  • If you have a compromised immune system and have been advised to limit exposure to people outside of your home, please consider joining us virtually.

Yoga is a system of physical and mental practices that originated more than 6,000 years ago. Yoga improves overall health and the quality of life by reducing the levels of stress and fatigue we may carry in our body.  You will find yourself feeling more connected to mind, body and spirit every time you practice. Yoga is for everyone, although there may be certain class styles that are a better fit for your body. Talk with your teacher if you have questions.


Your yoga practice can be modified to adapt to injuries.  However, it is important to give your body ample time to rest and relax after an injury. We recommend that you get approval from your doctor before re-starting or starting yoga. Once you get the green light, check with our teaching team to determine what might be the best place to start and modifications that would be helpful. Remember that you are your best teacher. Listen to your body.

Wear comfortable exercise pants or leggings and top made of a breathable fabric.  Yoga is practiced with bare feet to prevent slipping on your mat.

* We have suspended the use of studio mats/props for the time being. Please bring your own mat or purchase one from the studio.  You may also want to bring a water bottle.


Yoga can benefit your health in countless ways…from lowering your blood pressure to increasing muscle strength and flexibility, as well as improving focus and concentration to fostering a calm mind and relaxed breathing.  Here are some of the many benefits that you may experience from a regular practice:

Physical Benefits: 

  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Massaging of all internal organs of the body
  • Detoxification
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Better breathing

Mental Benefits:

  • Mental Calmness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Body Awareness

Absolutely. We recommend practicing regularly to gain more flexibility and strength. All of our classes engage and stretch your muscles, improving your balance, focus and range of motion.

Most of our classes are 60 minutes in length. Check the schedule ahead of time to make sure you have enough time for you class. At the beginning of the practice there is a warming up period (this varies by style of yoga and teacher) followed by asanas (the poses) and then relaxation at the end.  During some classes, teachers may play music and if the class is heated, this will be notes on the schedule.   During the practice, the teacher will name, describe and/or demonstrate the poses (asanas) and provide instruction, physically and/or verbally, as to form, gaze, alignment and breath.

Most of our classes have a variety of skill levels; some joining for their first time and some for their 100th. You can expect real people.  You can expect to feel welcome and included. We invite you to come as you are.

B Inspired offers a variety of yoga classes, each with unique benefits.  Carefully read the descriptions of the classes and if you have questions about the studio, reach out to us. We are here for you!

OM is an ancient mantra, a primordial vibration.  It is so old that its very nature is innately sacred. In many of our classes we start and end with the sound of OM. This signifies unity and harmony for all humans. If you are not comfortable with this tradition, we suggest setting a personal intention for your practice.

Namaste means: “The Light in Me Honors The Light in You.” Reciting Namaste enables individuals to come together from a place of love and connection.

Check out our prices to see our specials, monthly membership, and individual class prices. It is our intention to make yoga available to everyone. We do offer scholarships for individuals who may have limited financial resources but would still like to practice yoga. Please reach out to [email protected] for additional details.