Cindy Cottingham

Cindy first tasted yoga as a pre-schooler, following along with her mother to Lilias Folan's PBS series on a snowy black and white TV screen in the mid-1970's. She reconnected to the practice when she was in her mid-twenties, in an effort to increase her level of physical fitness but quickly found the benefits went far deeper. Sure, yoga made her body feel great, but it also left her feeling calmer and more centered. It helped her navigate life with more grace and compassion.

She began teaching yoga in 2009, and completed her 200 hour certification under Will Brashear at Cincinnati Yoga School in 2018. Other influential teachers who have inspired and informed Cindy's practice include Dixie Chamness, formerly of Maysville, KY; Debbie Phelan, Knoxville, TN; Matece Skow, Bloomington, IN and b Inspired's own Molly Freeland, Lisa Tuveson and Lynn Cruse. She continues to practice with her mother, Debbie Johnson, who's boundless love and support have been a constant blessing in her life.

As a teacher, Cindy's intention is to create an inclusive environment, inviting her students to customize their practices to meet their individual needs and encouraging them to listen to their own inner wisdom. Cindy strives to cultivate attitudes of acceptance, compassion, gratitude, kindness and peace in herself and those she meets, both on and off the mat. She considers it a great honor to teach and practice with the magnificent community at b inspired.